Frequently Asked Questions


 √ What is the process of making orders?

Search for the product you want, add it to the virtual cart and then checkout of the online store. Checking out is what confirms the product is no longer available for sale to another person.

√How do I make my payments?

The options to make payments are limited to Cash on Delivery, PayPal or credit card and Mobile Money.

√ How will the products I purchase get to me?

Your purchases will be sent to you by courier to the address that you will have indicated in your order instructions. Shipping charges of $3 will apply for products costing less than $200. For products costing more than that, shipping is free of charge.

√ What is the length of the shipping period?

Your products will get to you within 5 days from the day of shipment barring any unforeseen circumstances while on transit. In such instances we will try as hard as possible to minimize the delay to the best of our ability.

√ What happens if I do not like the delivered product?

Fashonrepublic has a return policy for a product or products that fail to meet your expectations. All returned products should be shipped back within 7 days of receipt. Such products should be in the same quality that they were shipped.For more on this, please refer to our return policy.

√ What are the charges applicable when returning a product?

You will be expected to shoulder the cost of returning the product by courier. Your shipping charges will be reimbursed with a voucher which can be redeemed with future purchases.

√ What if I am out at the time of delivery?

The product should find you home in ideal conditions. Please authorize somebody else to receive the products on your behalf in writing.

√ I am not able to load products on the cart, what is the problem?

We probably do not have the item in stock at the moment. You can also check your browser settings for the internet signal.

√ What is your refund policy?

All refunds will be made within 7 days if the goods are received in good, saleable condition.